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The Science Park facilitates university - business relationships
By means of technology transfer and research collaborations
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The Science Park aims at driving Pavia’s regeneration agenda
promoting research and innovation
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A collaborative working environment
offers the opportunity to innovate through partnerships

About us

Parco Tecnico Scientifico di Pavia s.c. a r.l.

The company Polo Tecnologico Servizi (PTS) was founded in February 2007 by the University of Pavia, the Municipality, the Province and the Chamber of Commerce of Pavia with the task of designing, creating and managing the park. Its mission is to help accelerate the growth of the local economy by:

  • Promoting and supporting high tech start-up companies
  • Attracting to the park established companies involved in scientific research and development
  • Supporting technological and organizational innovation of companies located in the area (south of Milan), specialized in services or manufacturing

Polo Tecnologico Servizi s.r.l. was transformed in the no profit company Parco Tecnico Scientifico di Pavia s.c. a r.l. in december 2014, with the same partners.

Besides directly supplying business support services, PTS will provide companies with the support of a network of financial, scientific and consulting partners.