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The Science Park facilitates university - business relationships
By means of technology transfer and research collaborations
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The Science Park aims at driving Pavia’s regeneration agenda
promoting research and innovation
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A collaborative working environment
offers the opportunity to innovate through partnerships

Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities

  • Providing news of calls for innovation projects by regional and national governments or private organizations
  • Supporting the creation of working groups to respond to calls

Partnering in research and development:

  • Helping companies participate in research calls applied for by university departments
  • Helping in the identification of potential partners in collaborative projects to develop new products and transfer technology.

Intellectual property exploitation:

  • Patents
    • Support in seeking patents
    • Identification of potential buyers of the patent and management of its transfer
    • Support in the negotiation of agreements and licensing contracts.
  • Know-how
    • Development of confidential agreements and option contracts to manage and license know-how