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The Science Park facilitates university - business relationships
By means of technology transfer and research collaborations
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The Science Park aims at driving Pavia’s regeneration agenda
promoting research and innovation
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A collaborative working environment
offers the opportunity to innovate through partnerships

Hosted companies

A view on "startupped".

Spin-off accademico dell'Università di Pavia, Ardis srl si dedica allo sviluppo ed alla commercializzazione di anticorpi monoclonali contro potenziali target per la terapia del cancro. Avvalendosi dello strumento Biacore T200 offre un servizio di analisi completa delle interazione tra biomolecole comprensiva del set up del chip appropriato e della consultazione dei dati

beSharp srl, was created as a spin off of the Università di Pavia, it is an innovative start up working on System Integration and IT consulting. The company is active on several domains of computer science engineering and its core business is on designing and implementing Cloud Computing infrastructures for storage, data security, business continuity, disaster recovery, virtualization and hosting web based applications.

Polo di rilevanza Nazionale ed Internazionale per percorsi di testing destinati a valutare e migliorare le performance dei prodotti dermo-cosmetologici e farmaceutici, dispositivi medici, integratori alimentari, biocidi, presidi medico-chirurgici e preparati pericolosi.

NAM is a young italian start-up and spin-off of the Università di Pavia. It deals with the separation and characterization of nanomaterials and the development of silicon materials, specifically with aerogels obtained from treating rice husks through an innovative sustainable process. NAM provides consulting services on materials together with "nano-analyses" aimed at detecting, identifying and characterizing the nano-particles present in several types of samples.

Spin-off of the Università di Pavia, Polymerix is an entrepreneurial project that stems from scientific research in the areas of biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular-biology and pharmaceutics. Polymerix offers consulting services in the design of natural and synthetic complex polymers for tissue engineering, of therapeutic and diagnostic recombinant proteins, as well as the setup and validation of analytical techniques and the design of innovative therapeutic systems and medical devices.